6th Annual Full-Day Sail!!

The crew and I were talking about it just the other day, even on our regular 2-hour trips, we’ve been making it a little further out than we normally get to: plain and simple, the fall sailing breezes are here! People always ask us why we do the all-day sail in September. Truthfully, the days are just as warm, but we get a much a bigger breeze. In the last five years, I’ve been all over the place with our all-day sails. That extra breeze really helps us see a huge chunk of Penobscot Bay. I’ve never repeated the same route twice on this sail. I wake up that morning and check what the wind is doing, and try to pick the most magical place out on the Bay that I haven’t seen in years—since the time I sailed boats as a hobby.

These trips are such an incredible opportunity to get an up-close look at the island communities, with their busy, working harbors. We always see multiple lighthouses on this trip, which is pretty exciting. On the two-hour sails we don’t usually get to see more than one, so it is truly a treat. Once we get over two hours away, we start to see the remote locations that are featured on so many postcards, that you normally don’t get the chance to see because it’s so far out to sea.

My wife is famous among all our acquaintances for her flair for great meals, and we are lucky enough that she will be preparing the food for this trip! She always puts together a delicious picnic lunch, with sandwiches on artisan breads and a wide array of cheeses, interesting for the palate, satisfying to the appetite! As we head out, we will enjoy a selection of baked goods from one of the local bakeries, and a selection of smoked seafood for the afternoon snack.

If you crave a nice, full day of sailing, of great food and company, and to explore this incredible bay, this is the sail for you!

There is no better vantage point to admire the gorgeous fall foliage than from the sea. The colors should start appearing soon, and will only get better and better right through the end of our sailing season. This is one of the many reasons that September is my favorite month to sail.

Don’t forget, we are still celebrating the Olad’s 25th anniversary of sailing from Camden harbor! If you book tickets online between now and the end of the season, they are discounted by $2.50 per ticket.