April Fooled on the Schooner Olad

April Fools' Day came a day late this year! On April 2nd we started working on the Schooner Olad getting her ready for the 2013 season. We decided to begin the annual spring fitout by sanding the masts. The Weather Channel predicted 48 degrees and sunny...it was 32 and cloudy!  However, Captain Matthew Ondra and our new mate Jeff Beck endured and made some real progress, while Chrissy Shyne and I worked at the varnish on the cabins and rails.

It is always a great feeling when the boat work starts. It makes me realize that soon I will be out in the bay sailing. It won’t be long before I will be setting sails in the lee of Curtis Island lighthouse with friends, new and old, enjoying Penobscot Bay with me!

Happy Spring!

Jeff Beck on the Mast of the Schooner Olad