The First Days of Spring

As the first +40 degree days start to happen, we can’t wait to get back to sailing. Our day dreams turn from family ski trips, hot cocoa, and the Holidays to thoughts of long summer afternoons, playing in the sun, and a pleasant breeze filling the sails. We pack our sweaters away and bring out the sun hats and flip flops.

For the crew of Olad and Owl, it’s time to start spring maintenance and ready our boats for the hundreds of hours of sailing the season will bring. This job, like the great state of Maine, has its seasons. Everyone has their favorite, but for me, the variety that working on these boats offers each and every day is why I enjoy it so much. So thank you for making that possible by coming and enjoying aboard The Schooner Olad and Cutter Owl.

Already, people are planning their adventures with us. Full day charters sailing the Fox Island Through-fare, Destination Weddings with Lobster backs on Warren Island, Sunset that cameras just can’t capture. Experiencing all Penobscot Bay has to offer in a way few people ever get to. Making each trip a unique experience is why we love doing what we do. The schedule is filling up fast, especially with our new special event sails for The Great Schooner Race, The Camden Classic Cup, and Windjammer Weekend freshly up and available. So don’t let mud season get your down, or in our case, varnish season. Here’s to the possibilities of the year to come!