Great Summer Sailing!

Are there really only 2 more weeks of August left?!?!
Summer has gone sailing by, but there's still time to get in a cruise aboard a beautiful sailing vessel on Penobscot Bay before August comes to a close.  We've had some truly exceptional days for sailing this summer, and we're looking forward to many more as we move into our late summer and fall sailing seasons. 
We've moved our sailing schedule in the evenings to accommodate the earlier sunset.  Both the Olad and Owl will be leaving the dock promptly at 6pm for a two hour sunset sail until September when our schedule will switch again.  As with any of our cruises, bring along your favorite snacks and beverages to further enhance the experience.  We'll take care of the rest!
Labor Day is soon upon us, with lot's of fun activities at the Camden Windjammer Festival.  We'll be sailing all weekend to get some great views of the beautiful windjammers making their way into Camden for the weekend's festivities.  We hope you'll be able to join the fun!
Happy Sailing!