Hello Fall Sailing!

The sailing is truly fantastic in Penobscot Bay, and there's plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the sea breeze aboard both Schooner Olad and Cutter Owl!

The end of August is upon us, and the warm weather continues to prevail for us sailing in Penobscot Bay.  There are lots of sailboats in the area to see, especially with Labor Day weekend just around the corner.  Enjoy a festive weekend in Camden and join us for a great sail out on the water to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of our fall sailing season.  We’ll be offering many opportunities throughout the day to get out on the water with us aboard both the Olad and Owl throughout the month of September.  

Our sunset sails aboard both the Schooner Olad and the Cutter Owl will begin a little earlier in the evening to accommodate the sun setting sooner in our skies these days. Fall is right around the corner, so bring along your sweater, snacks and a bevie and prepare to watch a beautiful sunset with great friends. If a private sail is your thing, you are most welcome to charter our vessels out privately to enjoy a sail with close family and friends with just our crew to guide you.  It’ll be sure to be a lasting memory for all.

Happy almost fall sailing!