Here's to Maine sailing in the summer and blizzards in January

Well, at least it's almost February, and at least we love our skiing.  I'll take a blizzard in January over a hurricane in July any day.

It's blowing a serious stink on the other side of my window right now.  The snow's blowing 'right sideways' as a local Mainer would say. My snowboard is going to touch the white stuff for the first time this weekend.  You all can have your Super Bowl(go Patriots!)...that just means the mountain will be empty.  More ski time and freshies for me!

While this storm slowly makes it's way across the North East, I'll stay cozy inside with my coffee and scheme on some special sailing events that we'll be having aboard the Schooner Olad and the Cutter Owl.  Maybe we'll win the Great Schooner Race in July with the Olad, or even the Eggemoggin Race with the Owl in August.  Either way, it'll be awesome to spend the day under sail in Penobscot Bay off the coast of beautiful Maine with some wonderful people.

If your dreaming about sailing this summer like we are, take a look at our special events page or find the perfect excuse to celebrate with a private sail aboard the Owl with a few of your closest friends.  We are happy to help you plan the perfect sail, whether it's a 2 hour sail along the coastline or a full day sail and picnic or lobster bake on Warren Island State Park. The possibilities are practically endless.  Feel free to give us a call, 207-236-2323 or send us an email, [email protected] if you have questions or would like to book a speciail sail.

Until then, we'll keep scheming up some fun sailing adventures for our guests to enjoy.  Safe and warm wishes to everyone who is enduring the blizzard of 2015!