Join the Schooner Olad for our Sunset Sails!

Our last trip of the day is by far the most relaxing and most romantic. Unwind from your day as you enjoy the calm sea breeze and the lovely scenery Penobscot Bay has to offer. Watch for wildlife, lighthouses, big estates, and other gorgeous ships. But the most beautiful thing you will see on this sail is the magnificent sunset. As you sit aboard the Olad watch the sun go down behind the mountains, the only mountain range that touches the Atlantic Ocean from here to South America. This sunset is truly unique. We also have a cushioned cockpit that will make your sail with your friends or family even more intimate. We do not provide food or drinks on the boat but there are no restrictions to what you can bring. The Captain simply doesn’t have the heart to charge $5 for a beer but feel free to bring wine and cheese or anything else you would like. Check our website or call us for times and availability.