Let’s Go Sailing on The Schooner Olad out of Camden, Maine 2012

Here we are again, just days from the start of the 2012 maintenance program. It was an amazing 74 degrees in Camden, Maine yesterday, a record I believe for March. So, I feel like we might as well start fitting out early so we can go sailing sooner. I’d start May 1 if I could… I am just itching to be out on the water. This will be my 13th year sailing the Schooner Olad and I am still excited, and I feel that speaks of how wonderful the Olad is to sail, how great my crew is, and how amazing my guests are.

If you have been sailing with me over last five years the faces are going to seem familiar. Matthew just got back from his winter adventure. He sailed from Spain to the Canary Islands then across the Atlantic to the Virgin Islands then to Jacksonville, Florida on a friend’s boat.

Molly just finished the last day of the Camden Snow Bowl yesterday. She runs the ski school there where she taught hundreds of kids to ski and snowboard. Molly lives on Ragged Mountain and is often the first person on the hill. She snowshoes from home to the edge of the ski trails the snowboards the rest of the way, to the lodge, as part of her daily commute.

I am sure they will have plenty of new stories to tell.

What about the captain? Well, I spent the winter working on the schooner to keep it looking Bristol. In my down time I keep busy reading. I love having new history and boating material for each year. On of my prides is that people come back year after year and are amazed I can teach them something new and different on each trip.

As far as the Olad, she just had her 85th birthday this year, but you would never know it. She is in pristine shape, and looks like she was just launched the other day. She can’t wait to start sailing out of Camden, Maine either.

We will see you soon.