Schooner Sailing in 2020

Dear friends of the Olad and Owl,

We extend our very best wishes to you and your family in these uncertain times.  As

spring unfolds all around us, we hope you are healthy and well.  With the ups and downs

of the pandemic, we have been very, very happy to get back to the boatyard.  And, good

news!  Just a little more paint and then the boats will Splash!  As you can imagine, we’ve

also been hard at work developing new safety guidelines for our re-opening.  With

confidence and care, we look forward to a wonderful sailing season with you.


Cutter Owl will open on June 16 for “guided boating” under the Governor’s plan

to restart the economy.  This will allow families and friends who have quarantined

together to charter the boat and get out on the bay.  Schooner Olad will open on

July 1, with reduced passenger capacity to allow more space for everyone.  As always,

Olad will be available for charters.


Together, with the other day-sailing boats and the State of Maine, we are creating a

COVID-19 prevention checklist for sailing trips.  As always, your safety is our top priority,

and this year that means even more.  We will post the passenger safety guidelines on

our website as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility, patience, and



As we look ahead to sailing with you, we are delighted to offer a $10 off  per passenger ‘Spring Has

Sprung’ Discount for online ticket purchases (code 20Ticket10) and 25% off gift certificate purchases

(code SailOlad25) made through July 1st.  Visit and use the

provided codes at check-out.  As we work to keep our sails full as a small business, we

are forever and always grateful for your ongoing support.


Please be in touch to discuss a charter, sign up for trip, or buy a gift certificate.  We look

forward to hearing from you, and we will keep you posted with updates.

In this unusual time, we feel lucky that we can count on Penobscot Bay for its stunning

beauty and refreshing breezes.  Now more than ever, we all deserve a relaxing sail on

the bay.


Wishing you all health and happiness. See you soon.


Aaron Lincoln, Owner and Captain

Susie Cooke, Business Manager