Update: June 23, 2021

Happy summer!


Things are going well here in Maine. As of last week, I’m happy to report that the Coast Guard is no longer requiring masks while outside on the deck of the boat. We also have been cleared to run at full occupancy. That is twenty two on the Olad and six on the Owl. We will still have masks and hand sanitizer available at all times for those who want them. You will still need a mask if you want to go down below to use the restroom. For that reason, we are still asking people to use the restroom before boarding. 


Things are also very busy. The pent-up demand after last year is huge. I only say this because we have been full many of the days in June, and have had to turn people away. So, please book in advance if possible. We want to take as many of you sailing as we possibly can.


Also, give yourself enough time to get to the boat. There are a few parking projects going on in Camden which has limited the parking in general. The check in time is 30 minutes before departure.  We will board 15 minutes before departure, and leave the dock at the printed scheduled time. We will not be able to give refunds to people who miss their trips,  but we will always try to reschedule you. Due to sailing's high demand this summer, we may not have as much scheduling flexibility as we have had in the past.


As a final note about sailing, we are still not giving out blankets or selling beverages aboard our vessels. We recommend that you bring a blanket or a jacket with you, as it will be cooler on the bay. Also, feel free to bring any food or beverage you would like.


Last but not least…Great news!! Today is the first time our retail store has been open in over a year.


It has been so great to be back out on the water and have some feeling of normalcy. I’m excited to see everybody and take people sailing, as are the crew and the employees of the Schooner Olad and Cutter Owl. We will see you soon!!




Captain Aaron Lincoln, Schooner Olad, Cutter Owl, and Crew