We’re looking forward to sailing with you this year!

Sailing and Covid 2021

Happy Spring!

Thanks for staying the course with us through the global pandemic. How crazy to think that, one year ago, COVID was a new reality. We had a great season last summer, and we appreciated everyone’s cooperation so we could sail safely. Thank you! We know that the pandemic has affected us all in different ways, and we offer our understanding for any difficulties the last year may have brought into your life. 

We also offer our excitement for the 2021 sailing season! We all deserve to get out on Penobscot Bay toenjoy the wind, waves, and wildlife. As we look ahead to the season, we are committed to safety precautions to ensure that everyone feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We are not out of the woods yet with COVID but things are looking up! With vaccines rolling out and fresh air always on our side, we look forward to a great sailing season with you. 

So, what will the start 2021 look like?

On the Schooner Olad and the Cutter Owl:

• Our captains, crew, and employees will wear masks at all times.

• All passengers will wear masks. As of now, Federal law requires that all passengers wear masks, with the exception of when eating or drinking. We expect that this law may end in May. Stay tuned!

• We will ask all passengers to put on hand sanitizer before boarding the boats.

• We will ask all passengers to use the restroom onshore before the boats depart. (The bathroomonboard will be available for emergencies and longer charters.)

• We will practice social distancing onboard.

• We will sanitize the boats between trips. 

Additionally on the Olad:

We will be limiting passengers to 14 maximum on the Olad for public trips. (For private charters, we canbring 14-22 passengers.)

Additionally on the Owl:

The Owl has a maximum capacity of 6 passengers. We will limit passengers, as needed, if passengers do not know each other.

Charter the boats

2020 was a record year for private charters, and we already have a lot of bookings for 2021. Simply put, charters allow you to choose who you go sailing with, and this helps ensure an enjoyable trip for all. The Owl can take 6 people maximum, and the Olad can take between 14-22 people, depending how your group meets the criteria.


Book today!

We recommend that you book early, well in advance of when you would like to sail. Last year, we were often full to capacity a week in advance. We expect to fill up quickly this year. Whether you are booking individual seats on the Olad or Owl, or wishing to charter one of the boats, please reach out to us as soon as possible. Visit the website at www.maineschooners.com or call us today at 207-236-2323 or email [email protected]

We will keep you posted….

We anticipate that with the vaccines out, that restrictions will be removed as the season moves on. We will be keeping up on the latest information, and keep you informed.

We’re excited that things look so promising on the horizon. We’re excited to go sailing with you. We are committed to your safety, and we’re committed to having fun and giving you the best sailing experience possible on Penobscot Bay. 

Thanks again for staying the course with us. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, book early this year. Call us anytime.


See you soon!

Captain Aaron Lincoln