Windjammer Weekend 2011


It’s hard to believe Windjammer Weekend is almost here. Last year we had a huge waiting list for tickets, just thought I ought to send out a little reminder that we are ten days away and Windjammer Weekend is usually one of our biggest weekends. If you’ve never been to a Windjammer Weekend, all of the tall ships that ply the waters of Penobscot Bay show up for one big party. There are lots of events and you can go to the 

One of my favorite parts is the Sail-In. Friday, on our 12:00 and 2:30 trips, we see all the boats sailing into the harbor in Camden, Maine. Everybody can see them and get tours at the docks after they put their sails down, but we will actually be among them as they’re sailing. The bay will look like times of old, with more Schooners and Windjammers than any other type of craft.

We also will be leading the Parade of Sail on Sunday through the middle of Camden Harbor, which is also totally spectacular. It’s not often that you can sail a 19-ton boat through the inner harbor of Camden during the summer, but we get special permission for just one day.

Both of these special trips can be reserved online ( or by calling us at (207) 236-2323.