Maine Wedding Sails

    Sailing Weddings in Camden Maine       

Camden, Maine is a popular destination for weddings with its beautiful scenery and location. The Schooner Olad has been fortunate enough to be the stage for many couples uniting in marriage.

If you are looking for a small and unique ceremony, the Schooner Olad is perfect. We will motor out in front of Curtis Island lighthouse and turn the engines off. The ceremony will take place with nothing but the sound of sea and a beautiful lighthouse in the background. When the ceremony is finished we will set the sails and the newlyweds will take their first journey together as a newly married couple.

Our staff can arrange your wedding officiant (one of our captain's is notarized!) and catering. We are happy to provide some local recommendations for florists and photographers. Just let us know what we can do to help!

The Schooner Olad is also the perfect place to take your wedding party out before the big day. If you are looking for something for your guests to do, why not take them out on the Schooner Olad? Great for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well.  Feel free to bring your own food and beverages, or we can help get catering for your sail.

For even more intimate affairs, consider the Cutter Owl as the perfect venue.  The Owl will accommodate up to 6 passengers.  We have many couples elope on the Cutter Owl with our captain to perform the wedding and the photographer and a friend as witnesses.  Sometimes the smallest ceremony can be the most memorable.

We look forward to helping you make wonderful, lasting memories of your most important of days!

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